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Fresh cabbage pizza

Fresh cabbage pizza Gluten free, low in carbohydrates Ingredients: White or curly cabbage Salt and pepper Butter or ghee Homemade lyutenitsa (recipe) or tomato puree Feta cheese Grated cheese Olives Preparation: Chop the cabbage as for a salad. Provide one … Continue reading

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Childhood memory with Bulgarian Lyuténitsa

Childhood memory with Bulgarian Lyuténitsa Or the ultimate Bulgarian sandwich Ingredients for its perfect realization: Country bread Butter Homemade Lyuténitsa (recipe) Sheep or cow cheese (feta type) Colorful salt (description here) Preparation: Cut the bread into rough slices (in my … Continue reading

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Bulgarian cottage lyutenitsa

Bulgarian cottage lyutenitsa Ingredients: 10 kg red peppers 3 kg aubergines 3 kg tomatoes 1 kg carrots 800 ml of sunflower oil 1 packet of cumin and black pepper (10 g) Salt and sugar to taste Preparation: Grill, peel and … Continue reading

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Coleslaw with Bulgarian lyuténitsa and feta cheese

Coleslaw with Bulgarian lyuténitsa and feta cheese Ingredients: 250-300 g tender white cabbage 60 g feta cheese 3-4 tablespoons Bulgarian lyuténitsa (recipe for homemade) 1 handful of walnuts Grapeseed oil (or other neutral oil) Bulgarian multicolored salt° Preparation: Cut the … Continue reading

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