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December 2012

Behind cOOking TiKi stands Tatyana Mihova (friends call me Tiki) icon smile cOOking Tiki I’ve always loved fooling around in the kitchen, cooking up, experimenting, improvising with interesting recipes. Somewhere at the beginning of this year (2012) my passion for the kitchen took a new face – culinary photography. I am far from being described as professional (my education is neither culinary nor photographic) but this doesn’t stop me taking pleasure in what I do. After nearly 12 months of photo-culinary work, this is the detailed retelling of the achieved results up to now icon smile cOOking Tiki

Creating in the kitchen keeps filling my days and the more it gains in speed, the more it drifts me away from the classical and well known recipes. I share them as well, for I made my first cooking steps with them. Most of them are typical for our Bulgarian cuisine. Apart from that, it all began with my simple wish to note down and preserve the recipes of my grand-mother named Velka. For our familly, she was an unsurpassable home Chef, although my grand-father Tommy excelled as well when it was to make festive meals or just to prepare something tasty to eat for his grand children coming back from school.

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My fantasy has no limits now. The muse strikes me anytime, provoked by a scent, something I tasted, something unfamiliar which I decide to know better, products to save in the fridge, a glimpse at a picture of a meal (in a magazine or on the Internet). I sometimes don’t even bother to read the recipe that comes with the picture. I just make up my own version. icon smile cOOking Tiki I don’t have a favorite cuisine, only a first principle – meals should not be fried, heavy, greasy, hot or too salted. Food in my kitchen is stewed, baked or boiled. There are only 2 exceptions, my grand-father’s meat balls and my grand-mother’s donuts. I have made their baked analogues, of course, which I find great, but when it is for my guests, I remain faithful to the traditional making icon wink cOOking Tiki My favorite meal is baked chicken with rice. So simple and so great! The only problem is that since I started this culinary game, I hardly manage to insert it in the menu. Models from the pictures have to be eated icon biggrin cOOking Tiki

Now that you know me a little, enjoy your visit and get inspired. Welcome to my culinary world. Leave a comment, a smile or share your favorite recipe. Let see what face it would have after I intervene! icon smile cOOking Tiki

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