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Welcome to the new rubric of cOOking TiKi icon smile Art shop There isn’t any connection with my cooking, but it’s another hobby that inspires me and takes a lot of my passion and free time. As I have made a good amount of handiworks, I decided to share them with you. And if I can inspire you to create something based on my models, I’d be more than happy! icon smile Art shop To do this, you only need a sewing machine, a few pieces of fabric and lots of enthusiasm. It is not even necessary to have a sophisticated machine with many options, I use two basic stitches – straight and zigzag.

Since I have no professional training in sewing, my technique and my explanations may not come up to the scratch sometimes, but this is how it worked to me.

There is a good amount of years (I was about 14), my mom taught me the basics of  serious sewing (as purses and clothes for my dolls, I started making since the age of 8-9), i.e. how to use the patterns in the Burda magazine, how to operate the sewing machine, how to proceed with the puzzle of pieces making a garment, etc. Subsequently, her machine paid for that, for my imagination knew no limits and I constantly invented things to make it sew. And when the Burda could not offer me a professional pattern that married my idea, I used to draw one myself. Sometimes, when it came to clothings, the result was hanging oddly here and there, but that didn’t prevent me to wear it proudly icon wink Art shop

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