Biscuit cake for kids

Бисквитена торта по детски 682x1024 Biscuit cake for kids

Biscuit cake for kids


90 g flour
3-4 tablespoons of coconut sugar (or honey)
800 ml of milk
½ Tonka bean
1 teaspoon of natural vanilla extract / 1 vanilla pod
20 g butter

10-12 baby biscuits or petit-beurre
10 dried dates, pitted


Whisk the flour and coconut sugar in the saucepan you will be using to cook the cream. If you prefer honey to coconut sugar, stir it in only after removing the already cooked cream from heat.

Then, gradually whisk in the cold milk and pop in the vanilla and grated Tonka bean.

Bring the batter to a boil, stirring constantly with a whisk or with a wooden spatula. I’m more comfortable on medium heat. Cook the cream until thick and smooth. Dip in the knob of butter and aerate the cream with a hand blender for 2-3 minutes (even if it is perfectly smooth, without any lumps).

Grease an appropriately sized ceramic dish. Mine was 18 cm by 20 cm (inside). Spread 1/3 of the cream on the bottom of the dish. Place 5 or 6 baby cookies on top and sprinkle with date slices.

Then cover with the second third of cream and garnish again with biscuits and dates. Finish with the last third of cream. You can put more biscuits, I only had 12. But the cake was to our liking, with a lot of cream.

Let cool completely before decorating and serving the cake. Ours had a frame of crushed baby biscuits and date slices.

Бисквитена торта по детски3 Biscuit cake for kids


As we do not have an active social life, we create our own holidays and reasons to smile at home. An occasion like this are the moons of our 2 little ones. Every month, on their date of birth, I give them a little party with decoration, birthday-like cake, “birthday” candle (to blow out 10 times each) and a small gift such as a book, a small plastic animal, a game, etc. And we feel good.

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