Redcurrant jelly

Желе от френско грозде 21 681x1024 Redcurrant jelly

Redcurrant jelly

Ingredients for 7-8 jars of 180 ml:

2300 g red currants
1300 g of sugar*

* When making berry jelly, generally you need to add as much sugar as the juice obtained. In our case, from 2300 g of currants, we obtained 1660 g of juice with pulp. After filtering it through a special gauze bag, we got 1440 g of clear juice. We preferred to put a little less sugar than recommended, still obtaining a very nice jelly.

Желе от френско грозде 41 1024x684 Redcurrant jelly


The technology itself is simple. First, rinse the currants, then remove the seeds and mash them into a puree with a tomato and fruit strainer. This press retains the seeds and skin, but not the pulp.

Keeping the pulp, you can make a redcurrant jam. On the other hand, for the jelly, you have to filter the pulp and extract only the juice. Use for this purpose either a special fruit gauze bag or a colander. A juicer can save you all of that effort.

Then weigh the juice obtained and pour it into a deep saucepan. Add the same amount of sugar as the weight of the juice (or 10-20% less). Bring to a boil and cook over low heat, stirring regularly.

Use a cold plate to check if the jelly is ready. A drop of jelly that no longer drips down the plate, speaks of a well-cooked jelly. Mine took about 45 minutes to cook.

Pour the redcurrant jelly into boiled jars and immediately seal tight with the lids (also boiled). Let cool upside down. A well-sealed vacuum jar has a stiff lid in the middle.

Желе от френско грозде1 681x1024 Redcurrant jelly

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