Milk jam

Мармалад от мляко1 680x1024 Milk jam

Milk jam or Dulce de leche


Canned sweetened condensed milk (390 g each)


Place the cans of condensed milk in a pressure cooker with the bottom covered with a clean cotton towel. Fill the pressure cooker with water up to 2/3 the height of the cans. Cook over low heat for 70 minutes (if using a normal saucepan, count 210 minutes).

When the cooking time is over, let cool completely before opening the cans. The milk jam can be used either as a spread on toasts, crackers or cookies for breakfast, or as a cream for macaroons, or it can be part of the ingredients in cakes, creams, etc.

You can find 2 ideas how to use milk jam here and there.

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