Coconut-caramel cream cake

Кокосово карамелена паста с лешникови капки 41 1024x681 Coconut caramel cream cake

Coconut-caramel cream cake with hazelnut drops


150 g of chocolate biscuits
2 tablespoons of quince jam (recipe)
30 g of soft butter

300 g coconut cream
2 tablespoons of milk jam (recipe)
2-3 tablespoons of icing sugar
4-5 drops of caramel (or coconut) flavoring
2 teaspoons of gelatin
30 ml of liquid cream

Hazelnuts and sugar for decoration

Кокосово карамелена паста с лешникови капки 31 1024x681 Coconut caramel cream cake


These ingredients make 3 square cakes of 8 cm.

Crush the biscuits into crumbs (in a mortar) and transfer them to a bowl. Add the soft butter and quince jam. Mix and squeeze between your fingers to evenly butter all the crumbs. Then line the bottom of 3 square stainless steel molds with this mixture. Press and smooth. Refrigerate the 3 molds (placed on a baking tray) while you prepare the coconut-caramel cream.

In a bowl, beat the milk jam and coconut cream until smooth (preferably with an electric mixer). Sweeten to taste with icing sugar (3 tablespoons for me) and flavor with caramel flavoring. Soak the gelatin in the 30 ml of liquid cream, then dissolve in a water bath. Stirring vigorously, fold it into the coconut and caramel mixture. Finally, pour this cream over the biscuit bases. Reserve the 3 cakes in the refrigerator overnight (or at least for 5 hours).

The final touch could be drops of caramelized hazelnuts. To make them, caramelize 3-4 tablespoons of sugar. Carefully prick the hazelnuts with a toothpick (they break easily, so you may have some to eat like that). Then dip the sticks in the caramel and hang them upside down on a string (fixed with clothespins). Let cool and harden.

Just before serving, remove the stainless steel molds and decorate the coconut-caramel cream cakes with 2-3 drops of hazelnuts.

Лешникови капки1 Coconut caramel cream cake

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