Cherriade or cherry lemonade

Черешада1 680x1024 Cherriade or cherry lemonade

Cherriade or cherry lemonade

Ingredients for a 1 liter bottle:

250 g cherries
3 cold lemons
4 tablespoons of sugar or honey
Sparkling water (chilled)
Mint leaves
Ice cubes

Черешада 41 Cherriade or cherry lemonade


Press the juice of the lemons and pour into the blender bowl. Pit the cherries and dip them in the blender as well.

Blitz the cherries into a creamy smoothie. Filter the pulp, if you prefer a clear, particle-free cherriade. Then add the sparkling water and sugar (or honey) and stir until completely dissolved.

Transfer the cherriade to a glass jug and serve immediately, garnished with mint leaves and ice cubes.

Черешада 21 Cherriade or cherry lemonade

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