Party bites with cranberries

Парти хапки с червени боровинки 1024x681 Party bites with cranberries

Party bites with cranberries


Sliced wholegrain bread (for toaster)
Dried cranberries
Cheese spread
Wooden sticks for appetizers


Finely chop the cranberries and stir them into the cheese spread.

Remove the crust from the bread slices (if there is any) and roll out the slices with a rolling pin until flat. Coat one side of the flat squares with a thick layer of cheese, then roll tightly. Wrap each roll in stretch film and refrigerate.

Just before serving, cut each roll into 1 cm thick slices. Prick each with a wooden party stick.

Serve these bites as an appetizer, pinned up in a shallow glass.

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