Ice cream for children without freezing

Топъл нетечащ сладолед за деца 43 Ice cream for children without freezing

Ice cream for children without freezing
Which does not melt and drip, no sugar added


Waffle cones for ice cream

Cheese spread (refrigerated)
Dried dates
Coconut cubes (organic for me)

* If you want to sweeten the cheese, use icing sugar. Honey and powdered sugar liquefy the cheese

 Топъл нетечащ сладолед за деца 53 Ice cream for children without freezing


Finely chop the dried dates and the coconut cubes and stir them into the cheese. Flavor with a few drops of natural vanilla extract.

In order not to put too much cheese in a portion, I slide a pitted date into the cone. Furthermore, my cones are small and can only take one heaped tablespoon of cheese, whipped with dried fruits.

Fill each cone with “warm” ice cream just before serving to keep it crisp. As a final touch, the ice cream can be sprinkled with dark chocolate vermicelli.

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