Olive penguins

Пингвинчета7 Olive penguins

Olive penguins


An even number of black pitted olives (½ of them smaller)
1 medium carrot
Feta cheese, desalinated in cold water


Peel and slice the carrots. Cut a triangle in each wheel. Insert the small triangle in one of the openings of the small olives. It will stand for the penguin’s nose and the olive as its head.

Split the largest olives lengthwise and stuff the inside with crumbled feta cheese. Fix the “body” of the penguin with a wooden stick on a carrot wheel. Turn its “shirt” towards the missing triangle of the carrot slice. Fix the head with the beak on it, horizontal to the body. Make hats with a small and a big slice of carrot.

Serve the penguins as accompaniment to a salad or as party bites.

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