Banana and Camembert Sandwich

Сандвич с банан и камамбер1 Banana and Camembert Sandwich

Banana and Camembert Sandwich


Favorite sandwich bread
Ripe nectarines
Camembert or other favorite cheese
Walnuts or almonds
Favorite salad oil (or butter)


For each sandwich, cut a piece of baguette about 12 cm long (for example). Then split it in half lengthwise. Drizzle with salad oil (I like cold pressed oils like those of sunflower or rapeseed because they are not bitter and have a pleasant taste).

Place slices of camambert or brie on top. Then add slices of nectarine and banana rings. Finish by decorating with coarsely chopped almonds or walnuts.

Place the second half of the baguette on top and serve the sandwich with freshly pressed fruit juice, stirred yogurt, a milk shake or else. This sandwich is ideal for a picnic, a hike or just for breakfast. My little Ioana loves it with butter, brie (lots of brie) and walnuts.

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