Vegetable hamburger

Зеленчуков хамбургер1 682x1024 Vegetable hamburger

Vegetable hamburger

Ingredients for 1 sandwich:

1 sweet long red pepper, medium to large size
1 favorite salad leaf
1 hard-boiled egg
3 slices of hard cheese
3 pitted olives
1 small tomato
3-4 cucumber or avocado rings
1 tablespoon of young sprouts (I had alfalfa and turnip)
Favorite spice


Core and deseed the sweet pepper and split it lengthwise. Open gently and line the inside with a salad leaf.

Cut the other ingredients into slices or squares of the same thickness and garnish the “hamburger”. The more things you put in, the tastier it is at the end.

Season with olive oil and the spice of your choice. Press it a little bit to make it thinner and serve as a starter.

Packed in a box or plastic bag, this vegetable hamburger can make your healthy lunch at the office or up in the mountains while hiking.

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