Vegan banana ice cream pops

Vegan banana ice cream pops
Version for babies and version for children and adults

 Веган бананов сладолед за бебета и деца 23 Vegan banana ice cream pops

Ingredients for 6 ice cream pops:

For 2 baby ice creams:

1 large banana
2-3 dates

For 4 children’s ice creams:

2 large bananas
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoon plain tahini (sesame or almond puree)
10 g dark chocolate

Веган бананов сладолед за бебета и деца 43 Vegan banana ice cream pops


Dip the banana and the dates in a large jar or in the measuring cup of the blender. Then cream it all with a hand mixer. Pour the mixture into 2 ice cream pop molds.

If you only make one ice cream version and your ice cream pop set includes 6 molds, make the sum of the bananas of the 2 versions (if they are small, you will need 4). And you can simply dose the remaining ingredients either with a larger or heaped tablespoon (or put 6 dates for 6 baby ice creams).

The ice cream pops for children and adults can be made in the same container. Combine bananas, honey and tahini and blend until smooth. A drop of vanilla is a good option. Then chop the chocolate and stir it in. Divide it between the other 4 ice cream pop molds. Stir each with a skewer stick to avoid air bubbles.

Finally, thrust the ice cream sticks into the molds. Freeze for 12 hours.

Before serving, place each mold under hot tap water for 10 seconds. Then gently remove the ice cream pop.

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  1. Поли says:

    Като професионалист, как да различаваме добрия черен шоколад ( освен по цената ) ????

    • TiKi says:

      Привет, Поли :)
      Не съм специалист по шоколада, от скоро обичам. Въпрос на предпочитание е. Ние харесваме такъв с около 60-70% какао и средна сладост. Винаги чета съдържанието и избирам само такъв с обикновени съставки, без сухо мляко и емулгатори.

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