Purslane salad with flax pesto

Салата от тученица с ленено песто1 680x1024 Purslane salad with flax pesto

Purslane salad with flax pesto


1 handful of purslane leaves
2-3 tablespoons shelled sweetcorn (boiled)
½ avocado
30 g raw hazelnuts

1 measuring cup, filled up to 500 ml with parsley leaves, basil, dill
2 sprigs of thyme
2 tablespoons ground flax seeds
1-2 tablespoons powdered toasted hazelnuts
½ teaspoon salt
1 garlic clove
1 tablespoon of water
Olive oil and sunflower oil

The juice of a lemon
1 level teaspoon sweet mustard
3-4 tablespoons olive oil

Салата от тученица с ленено песто 21 682x1024 Purslane salad with flax pesto


First prepare the pesto. In a wide neck jar (or in the measuring cup of the hand mixer), gather the basil, parsley, thyme and dill leaves. Pour a little olive oil and water, add the clove of garlic. Blitz into smooth sauce. Then add the flax seeds, salt and hazelnuts. Add enough vegetable oil or olive oil to make a medium-thick pesto. Cover and refrigerate to infuse.

In a bowl, whisk the mustard, lemon juice and olive oil until smooth. Reserve for seasoning.

Dress the salad just before serving. In a 2-portion salad bowl, make a purslane nest. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of dressing and stir gently. Then scatter over the corn, avocado (cut into cubes) and a handful of hazelnuts (dry cooked in a pan and peeled).

Season with a new dash of the salad dressing and 2 tablespoons of flax pesto.

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