Baby date cheesecake

Baby date cheesecake

 Бебешки чийзкейк с фурми2 Baby date cheesecake


240 g baby biscuits*
120 g butter
300 g cheese spread
700 g cottage cheese (3% fat, type fromage blanc)
20 soft dates
2 doses of vanilla
15 g of gelatin
150 ml milk for the gelatin

* I choose biscuits with butter and very little sugar

Бебешки чийзкейк с фурми 22 Baby date cheesecake


Combine the biscuits and butter in the blender. Reduce to crumbs and transfer into a cake pan with removable edge. Spread and press until you get a uniform layer of biscuit. Refrigerate.

Soak the gelatin in a bowl with the milk. Meanwhile, take a larger bowl and whisk in both cheeses, vanilla and dates. Use with a hand blender to have a smooth and fluffy consistency. Melt the already swollen gelatin in a warm water bath and stir it in the cheese mixture. Then pour the latter over the biscuit layer.

Refrigerate the dessert for 12 hours. Decorate to taste and serve cold.

Бебешки чийзкейк с фурми 33 Baby date cheesecake

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