Chocolate cake Black Forest

Chocolate cake Black Forest
Schwartzwald or Forêt Noire

Шоколадова торта Черна Гора Chocolate cake Black Forest

 Ingredients for the cake:

 130 g flour
2 heaped tablespoons of starch
3 tablespoons plain cocoa
6 eggs
170 g sugar

Ingredients for the chocolate cream:

250 ml liquid cream, 30% fat
120 g plain chocolate

Ingredients for the syrup:

100 ml of water
100 g sugar
(and 100 ml of sour cherry liqueur if you follow the original recipe)

Ingredients for the vanilla cream:

500 ml liquid cream, 30% fat (cold)
2 tablespoons icing sugar
Vanilla, 1 pod or vanilla extract


Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate shavings
(50 sour cherries in liqueur for the original version)

 Шоколадова торта Черна Гора 2 Chocolate cake Black Forest


Start with the cake part. Whisk eggs and sugar in a bowl. Work for a long time, 10-12 minutes, until the mixture has tripled in size. Then add the dry ingredients (mixed in advance) using a silicone spatula. Go smoothly.

Pour the dough into a 20-22 cm diameter mold with a removable edge. Bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes. Let cool completely.

For the chocolate cream, break the chocolate in the bowl and pour 100 ml of the cream (brought to a boil). Stir until the chocolate melts. Add the rest of the cream. Refrigerate. When assembling the cake, whip the chocolate cream with a hand blender until it is thick.

For the vanilla cream, refrigerate the bowl, blender and cream in advance. Whip it in Chantilly cream when assembling the cake. Sweeten and flavor.

For the syrup, boil the sugar and water (and liquor) for 5-10 minutes.

The assembly begins with the cutting of 3 cake rings of equal thickness. Place the first on a serving tray. Soak in syrup.

Cover with chocolate cream. Now is the time to put 15 sour cherries on top, if you follow the classic recipe.

Then place a second cake ring, soaked with syrup. Spread over the vanilla cream (and another 15 sour cherries). Place the last cake ring. Cover the cake with the rest of the vanilla cream, including on the side. Using a star-shaped pastry bag, make “meringues” around the outside contour. The traditional Schvartzwald cake has a sour cherry on each Chantilly “meringue”. The space between them is covered with large shavings of dark chocolate. To do this, melt chocolate in a bain-marie, spread it finely on the work surface and, once it starts to freeze, scrape it with a spatula. Slightly tilted for funnel-shaped chips. Chocolate can simply be grated. The side of the cake is covered with fine chocolate shavings.

The cake needs at least 2 hours in the refrigerator before being cut.

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