Honey bread

Pitka Beni 769x1024 Honey bread

Honey bread
On the recipe and preparation of my friend Albena icon smile Honey bread


300 ml hot water
2 tablespoons honey
4 tablespoons sunflower oil
20 g fresh baker’s yeast
Wheat flour (approximately 600-800 g)

To brush:

Sunflower/Olive oil
Several cloves of garlic (optional)

 Pitka Beni 2 1024x768 Honey bread


Pour the hot water into a deep bowl. Crumble and stir in the yeast. Then add the oil and two tablespoons of honey. Mix well.

Gradually pour in the flour, stirring with a spoon. Do this until a smooth ball of dough wraps the spoon.

Then place the dough on a well floured surface. Knead it at least 10 minutes. When the dough is smooth and soft, divide it into 4 equal balls and then each into 4 pieces.

With well-oiled hands, shape each small ball into a wick (15 cm long), then make a loose knot. Do the same with all 16 balls. Arrange the knots, a bit spaced, in an oiled and floure my girlfriend used a rectangular baking dish about 21 to 32 cm.

Let the dough rest and rise in a warm place, until the knots fill the width and height of the dish. My friend Benny does in a low-heated oven while juggling between the oven temperature (on/off) and the close/open the door.

Bake the honey bread at 180 degrees until golden. Remove from the oven, brush the entire surface of the bread with oil, mixed with a little salt and the pressed garlic cloves. Serve warm with butter and feta cheese.

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