Baby Scarf 0+

Бебешко шалче а 768x1024 Baby Scarf 0+

Baby Scarf 0+

Winter time behind us, I finally decided to show you the scarf I made for my little Ioana. But as the weather isn’t warm yet, she continues to wear it almost every day.

 Бебешко шалче 1 1024x680 Baby Scarf 0+

This scarf is extremely easy to make and suitable for your baby from birth. Personally, I couldn’t imagine tightening a classic scarf around the tiny neck of my baby Ioni. Even now, a year later, this scarf seems more comfortable and safe. In addition, it has two faces and can be combined with different coats.

 Бебешко шалче 2 681x1024 Baby Scarf 0+

For once, I’m not going to draw a pattern, all you need is just to take a medium-sized bib with scratch of your baby and copy it on an A4 sheet. Then reshape it a bit by shortening the length and sharpening the base (so that it doesn’t really ressemble a bib) and enlarge the back so that it keeps the neck warm.

 Бебешко шалче 3 1024x682 Baby Scarf 0+

Cut this pattern and draw it twice on one or two different fabrics. I used fabrics in 2 different colors and types – one cotton flannel and the other thick velvet.

 Бебешко шалче 4 682x1024 Baby Scarf 0+

Then, cut the bib drawings leaving 1 cm margin outside the drawing line and put the two cuttings facing each other. Sew them together with a straight stitch covering 95% of the contour. Turn the bib faces outwards. Iron it and finish sewing the remaining 5% by hand, invisibly.

Finally install a button and make a buttonhole on the machine. That’s all!! icon smile Baby Scarf 0+

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