Shopping cart cover

Калъф за пазарска количка 3 1024x768 Shopping cart cover

Shopping cart cover

A shopping cart designer did well to invent an integrated seat for baby or young child, but it is still necessary to protect our little angel from sucking the handle or the chain, or from bowing to the side and hurting himself (or taking the opportunity to lick there too). While it is good to let him or her strengthen his/her immunity, personally, I prefer to protect my little princess Ioana from the actions mentioned above icon wink Shopping cart cover Since I have sewn a cart cover, I’m quite happy when I settle her in it icon smile Shopping cart cover It is warm, dry, soft and she has a small toy and embroidery for fun! To sum up, it is very useful and comfortable! If you want one, here’s how to proceed and make one yourself:

 Калъф за пазарска количка 7 1024x768 Shopping cart cover

What you need:

- 1 meter of cotton fabric at least 140 cm wide. Or 1 meter of 2 different fabrics, always in cotton. Then 1 meter wide each would be large enough. I chose one thick plain fabric and one thin and patterned.

- 8 cm velcro in the fabric color (or in the color of the thin fabric, if you use two different materials).

- Flat elastic, 4-5 mm wide, about 50-60 cm long

- Sewing thread in the colors of the fabrics.

 Калъф за пазарска количка 4 Shopping cart cover

If you want a cute embroidery, you need:

- Various fabric cuttings

- All kinds of lace and strings (perfect theeter for my sweet lollipop)

- Some velcro and fabric to fix a teething ring or pacifier

 Калъф за пазарска количка 6 1024x768 Shopping cart cover

The shopping cart cover can protect the entire seat, namely the back, the sides, the seat and the handle part (entirely), but the cover can be simpler and only protect the back, the seat and part of the handle ( without the ends).

Here is the pattern for the full version:

 Pattern 1 Shopping cart cover

And the pattern for the simpler:

 Pattern 2 Shopping cart cover

Step by step:

1. Iron the fabrics and draw straight lines on the reverse side, about 1.5 cm in two perpendicular edges of the fabric. Respect the direction of the fiber.

2. Guiding you with these straight lines, draw the pattern you chose (always on the reverse side of the fabric). Do this twice, either of the same fabric (if you use only one fabric), or of each of the two (if you combine 2 different fabrics).

3. If you voted for the more complicated cart cover, draw the two trapezia separately. Make two sets (either of the same fabric, or of both).

4. Draw also a restangle of 14 by 100 cm on the thin patterned fabric.

5. Cut your patterns leaving 1 cm margin, ie 1 cm outside the traced lines.

6. If you make an embroidery or eyelets with velcro to attach a small toy or a pacifier, it’s time to do it as shown on the pattern.

7. Then sew the two trapezia to the “seat” of the cover (as in the drawing below) and their sides to the back and front of the cover. Do this with both fabrics.

Pattern 3 Shopping cart cover

8. Make a hem lengthwise (only one of the lengths) and widthwise (both widths) of the 14 by 100 cm pattern. Make pretty wide hem to be able to insert the elastic.

9. Lay the two identical patterns one over the other so that they face each other and pin them together. Insert also the fabric 14 by 100 cm as shown in the drawing, inserting it between both patterns (pinning inside its side without hem).

10. Make a straight stitch all the way round the cover, following the pins. Only make sure you leave about 20 cm (preferably on the folding part of the back of the cover) so that you could return the cover face out.

11. Cut the two rectangles for the legs (those 14 by 12 cm) leaving 1 cm margin to make a hem.

12. Turn the cover face out and iron it carefully.

13. Make a hem on the restangles for the legs, turning the extra centimiter inwards. Sew both layers together.

14. Fold inwards the non-sewn part of the back’s fold and seal it with a straight stitch.

15. Sew 4 pieces of velcro on the back of the cover and on the fold (so as to “lock” the cover on the trolley’s back).

16. If you chose the simpler trolley cover, place the same velcro pieces in the front part of the cover so as to fasten it around the cart handle.

17. By cons, if you chose the complicated model, insert a flat elastic inside the hem (check the drawing). It should be tight enough to firmly hold the cover on the cart handle.

 Калъф за пазарска количка b 1024x765 Shopping cart cover

That’s all! You are ready! icon smile Shopping cart cover

 Калъф за пазарска количка 8 1024x766 Shopping cart cover

You can also choose a specific way of folding the cart cover and make a small belt with velcro to fix it easily with it. Sew it to the cover.

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  1. Debbie says:

    How much of each fabric do you need? Thank you , Debbie

  2. TiKi says:

    I guess you have already converted it yourself… There are online convert engines. Have a nice day! Sorry for the delay!

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