Patchwork cushion – Two owls

Бухалчета 1 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

Patchwork cushion – Two owls

Today, my little heart turns 8 months old!!!! I can’t believe how fast she grows!!! And every moment with her is honey and bliss! icon smile Patchwork cushion   Two owls On the occasion, I’ll treat my little beauty with a chunk of persimmon, a taralli cracker, some bread crumbs and whatever she may steal from my mouth icon wink Patchwork cushion   Two owls As for you … I will give you some work;) Are you ready to make another pillow !? icon smile Patchwork cushion   Two owls Two charming owls will grant you with smiles from there and cheer you up!

 Бухалчета 2 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

As the process of making a cushion is the same, I will avoid the copy and paste of my explanations (quite detailed in my first publication) and refer you to the article when the moment comes.

 Бухалчета 3 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

What you need:

- Fabric for the back of the cushion – 42 cm by 50 cm

- Fabric for the front of the cushion – 42 by 42 cm

- Light gray linen fabric for the embroidery (or other light colored fabric) – 30 by 30 cm

- 3 buttons or 3 cm scratch

- 120 cm of decorative lace, no more than 12 mm wide

- A bouquet of fabric cuttings

- Felt of different colors (replaceable with normal fabric)

- Spools of thread in the color range of your fabrics.

- This sketch: Sketch – Owls

Бухалчета 4 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

You can now follow the step by step of this cushion, leaving just the tree branch on the scene when coming to step 5. And in step 7, alternate the pieces as follows: the bodies of owls (sewing together the paw, tail and wing of the left owl), eyes, legs, beak, wings.

 Бухалчета 5 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

Then make the tree leaves and connect them to the branch with the embroidery stitch, making it look like thin branches. Finally, make the flowers finishing them with a button in the middle.

 P1050880 Patchwork cushion   Two owls

It’s easy, right ?! Do not give up before you start icon smile Patchwork cushion   Two owls Look how nice could be your couch with homemade cushions icon smile Patchwork cushion   Two owls

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