Beet salad with golden seeds

Пъстра салата с цвекло и ядки2 682x1024 Beet salad with golden seeds

Beet salad with golden seeds

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

1 raw red beet (the size of a medium orange)
1 small raw yellow beet, optional
4 medium carrots
100 g grated cheese (I prefer a mixture of emmental, gouda and mozzarella)
Rapeseed, sunflower or pistachio oil
50 g shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raw

Supplements: acid or sweet apples, raisins or dried cranberries


Wash, peel and grate the beets and carrots. Since recently, I use the chopper bowl of the food processor as it reduces all vegetables in crumbs with its sharp blades. Like this, I get a juicy salad.

Then transfer the vegetables in a salad bowl. Season with a touch of salt and a good drizzle of oil. For this salad, I prefer the refined oil, not olive oil or unrefined oil because they have quite a strong own taste and take over the one of the vegetables.

Then sprinkle the salad with grated cheese and freshly roasted seeds. The easiest way to do the latter is to microwave them. Put the seeds in a soup dish, spread evenly over the bottom and roast for 3 minutes at 1000 watts maximum. Every 40-50 seconds interrupt cooking and stir.

Carefully toss the salad and serve immediately. Add one or two grated apples and a handful of dried fruit, if you want some sweetness and more juice. By cons, you can grate a large amount of beets and carrots at a time and store unseasoned in the refrigerator up to 48 hours (in an airtight container). Season as much as you need before each meal.

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