Patchwork wall canvas – Part 11 – The swing

Пано стена люлка2 1024x682 Patchwork wall canvas   Part 11 – The swing

Patchwork wall canvas – Part 11 – The swing

Slowly coming to the end of the patchwork wall artwork icon smile Patchwork wall canvas   Part 11 – The swing One more scene to show you, apart from this one. There will also be another publication for the patchwork elements and the last one showing the finishing and the artwork itself.

Re-revision for newcomers:

It would take several consecutive publications (actually, about 14) to show you and explain how to make such a patchwork canvas, combining different embroidered scenes and a patchwork finishing. You will assist my artwork scene by scene and only see the result in the end, just as it happened with me icon wink Patchwork wall canvas   Part 11 – The swing

I started with just an idea of what I wanted to have in the end, but with no specific plans, drawings, sizes. It was somewhere in October 2014. I didn’t have the scenes in my head in advance (except for a few ones that I saw in a French magazine). I didn’t even know the number of scenes I would make. I just picked a theme for them, namely to recreate various moments from the life of a child – playing, being with friends, going to school, reading books, writing homeworks, etc. I drew 2-3 scenes with a pencil on a blank sheet of paper, and then re-created them on the fabric. As the result reflected well my idea, I continued my work more confident. Step by step, I created something beautiful that now decorates one of the walls at home icon smile Patchwork wall canvas   Part 11 – The swing

If you feel like making the same artwork, you only need to follow my steps! You can either print my sketches and reproduce the same scenes, or make your own designs, choosing a theme that inspires you. Your canvas can be of a different size, based on how many scenes you decide to make. Mine makes 120 by 80 cm.

Here is the menu that will host all the steps.

What’s new:

The eleventh scene of the series is this young girl, playing in the backyard eith her teddy bear.

The scene is not large, the piece of fabric makes 16 per 18 cm (+ 1 cm hem). You can enlarge it, if you want.

What you need:

- Light-colored linen fabric (mine was light gray). For my artwork, I needed a fabric making 120 cm long and 160 cm wide. For the scene itself, you need a piece of linen of 18 by 20 cm.

- Various fabric cuttings

- Felt in pastel colors for the teddy bear, tree and swing. I also used some as under layer for the doll pram as under layer.

- Threads in the colors of your fabrics and felts as well as for some additional embroideries.

- This sketch:

 Patchwork wall canvas – Part 11 – The swing

About the steps:

Now you only have to follow steps 1 to 6 of the first scene I showed you.

Step 7

After finishing with the machine sewing part, embroider by hand the faces of the teddy bear and the girl and the pram’s handle. As for the ribbon on the girl’s hair, I have just made a tress of simple sewing stitch and tied it in a knot. Note that you need to sew by hand the cord of the swing before the girl and the seat.

Step 8

Iron the scene from the back side of the fabric, making a hem of 1 cm. You are ready! icon smile Patchwork wall canvas   Part 11 – The swing

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