Patchwork cushion – birdhouses

Деко възглавница къщички за птици 31 Patchwork cushion   birdhouses

Patchwork cushion – birdhouses

And if we made another sweet cushion!? icon smile Patchwork cushion   birdhouses By cons, if you do not feel like sewing, you can just knock them up out of wood. Three bird families will be very grateful! icon wink Patchwork cushion   birdhouses

As the process of making a cushion is the same, I will avoid the copy and paste of my explanations (quite detailed in my first publication) and refer you to the article when the moment comes.

What you need:

- Fabric for the back of the cushion – 42 cm by 50 cm

- Fabric for the front of the cushion – 42 by 42 cm

- Light gray linen fabric for the embroidery (or other light colored fabric) – 30 by 30 cm

- 3 buttons or 3 cm scratch

- 120 cm of lace, no more than 12 mm wide

- A bouquet of fabric cuttings

- Felt of different colors (replaceable with normal fabric)

- Spools of thread in the color range of your fabrics.

- The birdhouse design. Print it from here:

Patchwork cushion – birdhouses

You can now follow the step by step of this cushion, leaving just the “wooden planks” structure behind the birdhouses on the scene before starting with the embroidery. You can interrupt the seam where it is not apparent (hidden behind the birdhouses).

 Деко възглавница къщички за птици 21 Patchwork cushion   birdhouses

And two tips from me:

icon smile Patchwork cushion   birdhouses The embroidery zigzag that I use, is a complex and too generous overlay of the top thread, while the lower thread is just a straight line that doesn’t even bite into the fabric. That is to say that, if you need to unstitch an item, you only have to take a needle and pull the lower thread out. The upper thread will come undone easily. You can even use it to sew by hand, as it remains whole.

icon smile Patchwork cushion   birdhouses You do not need to use the same color of thread for the lower spool as for the upper when making the embroidery zigzag. The lower thread is not even apparent, so you can use the same spool all the time (and save some efforts). By cons, when you sew the cushion itself, you should better harmonize both threads.

 Деко възглавница къщички за птици1 Patchwork cushion   birdhouses

That’s all you need to make your next cushion! icon smile Patchwork cushion   birdhouses

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  1. Anyuta says:

    Oh my God! This is so cute! I admire people that can you this kind of stuff.

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