Pickled master’s peppers

Чорбаджийски чушки1 1024x683 Pickled master’s peppers

Pickled master’s peppers


2 kg of Marter’s peppers* (hot or mild)
1 liter of vinegar
½ liter of water
100 g salt
100 g sugar
100 g of sunflower oil
Fresh dill
Aspirin tablets by Bayer


In a deep pan boil water, vinegar, salt and sugar.

Two possible ways to make the peppers:

- Grill the peppers gently, just enough time to heat and brown them here and there. Dip each grilled batch in the marinade, pouring the oil in it beforehand.

- Or sauté them in the oil (in small portions – 1 handful) just the time they change their color.

Then dip every fried or grilled handful of peppers in the pan with the marinade. Repeat the procedure until the peppers are finished.

When ready, fill clean jars of 400 g up to the top with peppers, tucking them well. Add ½ clove of garlic, a few sprigs of dill and ½ aspirin in each jar.

Fill the jars to the brim with the marinade and seal tight. Let stand upside down for 24 hours. The Master’s pickled peppers will be ready to taste in a month. Store them in a dark and dry corner. During the fermentation, this place should be between 18 and 21 degrees.

 Чорбаджийски чушки 21 683x1024 Pickled master’s peppers

* This is a widespread variety of peppers in Bulgaria, called Chorbadzhiyski chushki. In latin – Capsicum annuum. Among these peppers, there are sweet varieties such as bell peppers, others are slightly spicy and others are hot. They are mainly consumed like this, as a marinated salad. Otherwise, replace them with mini sweet peppers or chili peppers, as hot as you can tolerate.

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