Lasagna with nettles and plantains

Лазаня с коприва и банани2 1024x681 Lasagna with nettles and plantains

Lasagna with nettles and plantains
Option with no dairy products*


1 2-liter bowl full of fresh nettles
1 bunch of chives
2-3 sprigs of fresh mint
Salt and pepper
20 g butter (I used homemade ghee)
4-5 tablespoons oil

2 ripe plantains
Lasagne sheets (without pre-cooking)
800 g of yogurt (I used soy yogurt)
6 eggs
Salt and pepper
80 g raw almonds
2-3 tablespoons sesame
Butter (I used homemade ghee)

 Лазаня с коприва и банани 22 681x1024 Lasagna with nettles and plantains

* If the idea of ​​a dairy-free version does not inspire you, do not hesitate to put milk yogurt or a handful of grated cheese on top and between the layers of the lasagna.

 Лазаня с коприва и банани 32 1024x681 Lasagna with nettles and plantains


Remove the stalks of the greens and rinse under cold water. In a deep saucepan, cook the plantains (sliced and lidded​​) in a little oil and a knob of butter. Salt and pepper. Some 5-6 minutes later, when golden brown on both sides, transfer the bananas on a plate. Then dip in the pan, adding a little butter and oil, the greens. Sauté them the time they lose their volume. Salt and pepper as well.

Whisk the yogurt and eggs in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. If the lasagna sheets require a few minutes of cooking before use, bring a large volume of salt water to the boil and follow the instructions on the packaging. Mine could be used directly, without being blanched.

Butter a rectangular and deep cooking dish (mine could take 2 sheets of lasagne one beside the other). Spread a thin layer of the egg mixture in the bottom (about a fifth of it). Place 2 sheets of lasagne and a third of the cooked bananas and nettles. Cover evenly with a fifth of the egg mixture and cover with 2 new lasagna sheets. Repeat this 2 more times. Finally, putting the last 2 lasagna sheets, cover them with the rest of the egg mixture and sprinkle with chopped almonds, sesame and some dry mint.

Place a few slices of butter (ghee for me) over and bake the lasagna at 200°C. It requires a good 40-minute baking. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Лазаня с коприва и банани 42 682x1024 Lasagna with nettles and plantains

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