Sabayon mousse with mango

Мус сабайон с манго 681x1024 Sabayon mousse with mangoSabayon mousse with mango


100 g sugar
5 egg yolks
100 ml white port (or sweet white wine)
1 dose vanilla
4-5 drops mango flavoring
100 ml of fresh mango juice (or milk cream, fresh milk)

½ ripe mango to serve


As the cream is cooked in a bain-marie, it ‘s good to have a metal bowl. Otherwise, take two saucepans, one of which is much smaller than the other, but with a volume of 800 ml at least.

Whisk the sugar and egg yolks into a fluffy cream, directly into the saucepan. Use a mixer. Then put the saucepan into the large one, in which already boils some water. While whisking with the mixer on medium speed, gradually add the mango juice and sweet white wine. The mango juice can be replaced with fresh milk or cream. Add both flavorings.

Continue cooking the sabayon mousse (without stopping the mixer) for 5-8 minutes or until it triple its volume and becomes soft and thick. Remove from heat and whisk until the mousse cools.

Peel and cut the ripe mango into cubes and distribute them in 6 wine glasses. Pour over the mousse and refrigerate.

Before serving, decorate the mousse to your taste – with mango chunks, grated chocolate, caramelized nuts or other.

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