Easter violet chocolates

Великденски бонбони с виолетки2 681x1024 Easter violet chocolates

Easter violet chocolates

Ingredients for 24 large bonbons:

50 g of violet candies
60 ml liquid cream, 30 % fat
90 g white chocolate
10 g of butter
1-2 drops of violet flavoring

200 g white chocolate

 Великденски бонбони с виолетки 22 1024x681 Easter violet chocolates


Combine the violet candies and the cream in a saucepan and heat them on the stove. Boil about 10 minutes until the candies melt and disappear completely. Add 1-2 drops of violet flavoring and set aside for 15 minutes or more (the mixture needs to cool slightly). Then, melt the white chocolate in a water bath. Combine both mixtures adding the cream to the chocolate in two times. Finally, dip in the butter cut into small pieces and stir until the cream absorbs it. Refrigerate. You will get some sort of ganache but a little more dense and less airy than the real ganache. By cons, it is easy to shape various figures.

For the chocolates, I have mainly used silicone molds for miniature cakes that are twice the size of a normal candy mold. So I’ve made less chocolates in the end.

 Великденски бонбони с виолетки 32 681x1024 Easter violet chocolates

Shape the ganache into pieces that have the same shape as the molds, but smaller in volume. Make small squares, rectangles, rounds or the oblong flat shapes. They should easily fit into the mold and leave enough room for the chocolate (below, above and around).

Then, melt the white chocolate in a water-bath. Fill the mold up to 1/3 of its height with chocolate, then push in the appropriate form of ganache and then fill the mold up to the top with chocolate.

Let the chocolates cool down at room temperature and refrigerate. Serve them fresh on Easter day.

Великденски бонбони с виолетки 422 682x1024 Easter violet chocolates

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