Chocolate Easter eggs

Великденски шоколадови яйца 12 682x1024 Chocolate Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs
Or an idea how to make a delicious gift icon smile Chocolate Easter eggs


Chocolate (dark, milk or white)
Dried fruits (such as cranberries, bananas, giant raisins, prunes)
Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts)

Acetate sheet and aluminium foil

 Великденски шоколадови яйца 22 682x1024 Chocolate Easter eggs


There are no exact proportions in this recipe. You decide of the amount that best suits your needs. You can always melt more chocolate, if not enough. My chocolate eggs weigh between 38 and 40 grams.

 Великденски шоколадови яйца 33 1024x506 Chocolate Easter eggs

If you have a silicone egg-shaped mold, you will manage to do these eggs very easily. Otherwise, you have to work a little to make them yourself. To do this, cut strips of acetate sheet (for chocolate), about 12-14 mm wide and 18-20 cm long, then take one and meet the ends. Staple to obtain a circle.

 Великденски шоколадови яйца 42 1024x574 Chocolate Easter eggs

Then cut an egg sample in a piece of cardboard. Place it on a piece of aluminum foil mold and make your egg-shaped mould by folding the aluminium sheet around the carton. Make as many as you want. Put a ring of acetate sheet inside to have eggs with smooth sides. Staple to secure.

 Великденски шоколадови яйца 52 Chocolate Easter eggs

Now everything is easy. Melt half the chocolate in a bain-marie and temper it with the other half. Distribute into molds and set aside for 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, make figures ​​from dried fruit and nuts – like bunnies, chicks, butterflies, flowers. Transfer them gently onto the chocolate eggs.

I’ve sprinkled some of the chocolate eggs with crumbled caramel (made ​​from 3 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon butter).

Leave the chocolate eggs at room temperature to set. If you are in a hurry, accelerate the process in the refrigerator. In the end, you will have a very cute Easter gift for your loved ones.

Великденски шоколадови яйца 322 1024x766 Chocolate Easter eggs

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