Potato and smoked fish salad

Картофена салата с пушена риба1 1024x682 Potato and smoked fish salad

Potato and smoked fish salad


4 potatoes
½ red onion
3-4 leaves of lettuce or radicchio
2-3 radishes
2 tablespoons olives (in wheels)
50 g smoked fish (salmon, trout, mackerel)
Salt and red peppercorns
Olive oil
1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar (optional)
Fresh parsley and dill
½ teaspoon dried parsley and dill


Cut the red onion into half moons and soak in a bowl of cold salted water for 30 minutes (1 teaspoon salt per 250 ml of water). This will soften its taste and smell and make it more digestive.

Boil the potatoes in salted water, peel and cut into large cubes. Transfer into a bowl. Add the radishes (thinly sliced), salad (cut into strips) and drained onion. Mix gently with a dose of olive oil and salt.

Slice the smoked fish and place in the salad as well as the sliced ​​olives. Sprinkle with parsley and dill (fresh and dry). Season with one more touch of olive oil. Stir to mix.

Leave the salad in the refrigerator (tightly covered) and serve cold or at room temperature.

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