Тартифлет2 681x1024 Tartiflette

French dish from the Haute-Savoie region


1 kg of potatoes
500 g Reblochon cheese (or Camambert)
1 onion
200 g smoked bacon
Salt and pepper
20 g of butter
Dry spices (thyme, parsley), optional


Wash and brush the potatoes carefully, then boil in plenty of salted water. When cooked through, peel and cut into slices of medium thickness.

Finely chop the onion and sauté in butter (with a sip of oil too). Add the bacon towards the end of cooking.

In a large baking dish, buttered, alternate layers of potatoes, onion and bacon, sprinkling them with the grease from the bottom of the pan. If you make a thick tartiflette (e.g. in a dish rather tall than wide), tuck half of Reblochon in the middle of the layers, cutting in 2 in its height. Finish the dish with a few pinches of spices – black pepper, parsley and dried thyme and the other half of the cheese (the crust facing the potatoes).

If the baking dish is large enough, put both halves of cheese on the potatoes (one next to the other), always with the crust facing vegetables.

Bake the tartiflette at 220°C until the cheese is melted and golden. The last 10 minutes of cooking, it is possible to pour about 150-200 ml heated liquid cream over the potatoes. Serve immediately.

Тартифлет 22 681x1024 Tartiflette* French Reblochon cheese

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