Sweet lychee and pomegranate salad

Сладка зелена салата2 680x1024 Sweet lychee and pomegranate salad

Sweet lychee and pomegranate salad
Full of vitamins and completely vegan

Ingredients for 2 people:

1 large handful of mixed salad leaves (spinach, frisée, radicchio, feld salad, Batavia, etc.)
1 ripe pear
6-8 lychees
½ pomegranate
1 handful of dried cranberries
2 tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds
2 tablespoons bee pollen
2 tablespoons dulse flakes (dried seaweed, called in latin Palmaria palmata)

1 teaspoon honey
3-4 tablespoons of walnut oil
Juice of ½ lemon

 Сладка зелена салата 22 681x1024 Sweet lychee and pomegranate salad


Rinse and dry the salad. Place it on a large plate or bowl. Peel the pomegranate, lychees and pear, then cut the pear into half-moons, seed the pomegranate and leave lychees whole. Spread the fruit on the salad leaves.

Sprinkle generously the salad with hemp seeds, bee pollen, dulse flakes and cranberries. Emulsify the honey, oil and lemon juice until smooth sauce and pour into a small sauceboat.

Serve the sweet salad promptly, accompanied by the honey dressing.

Сладка зелена салата 32 682x1024 Sweet lychee and pomegranate salad

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