Tomato salad with marinated vegetables

Славянска салата3 680x1024 Tomato salad with marinated vegetables

Tomato salad with marinated vegetables

Ingredients for 2 people:

2 medium tomatoes
6-8 slices of ripe mozzarella
2-4 quail eggs, hard boiled

½ courgette
½ aubergine
2 red peppers
Olive oil
Soy sauce or balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper
Dill and parsley

1 teaspoon mustard
3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
2-3 tablespoons water
Black pepper


First prepare the marinated vegetables, which can be done the day before and in any quantity. They are delicious and match perfectly salads and meats. Cut the zucchini and eggplant into slices, the red pepper in large strips. Brush each piece with a little oil and grill it in a non-stick stripped pan or on the barbecue. Place each batch of cooked vegetables in a covered dish and season with olive oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Sprinkle with minced parsley and dill. When all the vegetables are grilled, cut the slices into strips and return them into the dish. Then add the flageolets beans and the rest of the spices. Mix well. Leave the vegetables in the fridge to marinate for 1 hour or overnight.

Make the dressing by whisking together the mustard, olive oil and water. Season to taste. It is good even just with black pepper.

To present the salad, take 2 oblong plates. Alternate thick slices of tomato and mozzarella. Garnish the top with marinated vegetables (quantity to taste).

Garnish the salad with quail eggs and fresh herbs. Serve immediately.

Славянска салата 22 681x1024 Tomato salad with marinated vegetables

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