Christmas pie with pumpkin and dates

Коледен пай с тиква и фурми2 680x1024 Christmas pie with pumpkin and dates

Christmas pie with pumpkin and dates


200 g flour
100 g butter
80 g icing sugar
1 egg

1 cup (breakfast cup) pumpkin, steamed or baked
2-3 pears
3 tablespoons honey
3-4 tablespoons of sugar
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 handful of raw walnuts
6 dried dates


Make a butter pastry from the first group of products, starting with mixing the dry ingredients, then adding the butter. Work it all with your fingertips as to obtain evenly buttered crumbs. Bind all with the egg and a little water (if necessary). Do not knead the dough too long. As soon as it turns smooth, let it rest, wrapped in transparent film. Use the refrigerator, if it is too soft.

A bit later, roll out ¾ of the dough in a circle (2-3 mm thick) and line the bottom and sides of a round cake pan, buttered (mine was 20 cm in diameter). Flatten the remaining quarter of dough in an oval and cut out thin 1 cm wide strips. Leave aside.

Peel the pears and cut into cubes. Remove the skin of the roasted pumpkin and cut into cubes, too. Mix both into the pie case. Sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, chunks of dates and quarters of walnuts. Finally, drizzle the stuffing with honey. No need to mix it.

Bake the Christmas pie in a preheated to 180°C oven. When it turns beautifully golden, remove it from the oven and let cool completely. Serve it dusted with icing sugar.

Коледен пай с тиква и фурми 22 681x1024 Christmas pie with pumpkin and dates

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