Macaroons with quince jam

Макарони с ароматно сладко от дюли1 680x1024 Macaroons with quince jam

Macaroons with quince jam


2 egg whites
150 g icing sugar
30 g of powdered sugar
90 g almonds
3-4 drops of natural vanilla extract
Liquid pastry colorings – red and yellow

Quince jam (with spices, the recipe)


Sift and mix the almond powder and icing sugar. Reserve the largest seed particles on the sieve for other use.

In another bowl, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. When they start to foam, pour in half the sugar. When the mixture becomes firm and snow-like, add the rest of it. Then incorporate the dry mixture, working gently with a silicone or wooden spatula. Normally, you will get a shiny and thick paste. To get the sand pink color of my macaroons (which was coral pink when raw), add 5 drops of yellow coloring and 5 drops of red.

Using a pastry bag, shape biscuits (2-3 cm in diameter). Do this on a special macaroon silicone mat or on a piece of baking paper. Leave the cookies to dry at room temperature about 30 minutes. This will give the typical smooth crust of the macaroons.

Bake at 160°C between 9 and 12 minutes (cooking time varies from oven to oven). Cool on a wire rack or a bamboo mat. Pair the biscuits, coating them with quince jam.

Store the macaroons in a metal box to preserve their flavor longer.

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