Spinach balls with smoked fish

Спаначени кюфтета с пушена риба3 681x1024 Spinach balls with smoked fish

Spinach balls with smoked fish

Ingredients for 12-14 balls:

250-300 g fresh spinach
1 carrot, grated
60-80 g fillet of smoked trout (or other)
2 tablespoons parmesan
2 spring onions
1 tablespoon flour (spelt flour in my case)
1 raw egg (mine had 2 egg yolks and just a little egg-white)
1 hard-boiled egg
Olive oil
2 tablespoons fresh mint and dill
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash the spinach leaves and cut into thin strips, mince the springs onions. Stew both vegetables and the carrot in a little olive oil. Cook the time to see them change their color slightly and decrease in volume. Season with salt, pepper and the green herbs. Then leave aside to cool.

When the spinach is quite lukewarm, add the parmesan, raw egg, smoked fish (finely chopped), hard-boiled egg (grated) and flour. You should get a thick mixture that allows to shape balls . Arrange the ready ones in a large baking tin.

Bake the spinach balls at 200°C and cook until golden and appetizing in color. Allow about 20 minutes.

Спаначени кюфтета с пушена риба 22 680x1024 Spinach balls with smoked fish

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