Pistachio financiers

Финансие с шам фъстък2 680x1024 Pistachio financiers

Pistachio financiers
Based on an original French recipe


4 egg whites
80 g butter
100 g sugar
1 pinch of salt
25 g flour
25 g ground almonds
100 g ground pistachios
4-5 drops of pistachio flavor (or bitter almond)


Melt the butter until light hazelnut color and set aside.

In a bowl, mix all dry ingredients, such as sugar, salt, flour and both kinds of nut powder. Stir well. Then add the butter and egg whites (gently beaten with a fork). Bind it all quickly. Finally, add the pistachio flavor.

Eventually, color the pastry in pistaschio green (with 9 drops of yellow food coloring and 2 drops of blue). Spoon the mixture into 9 to 10 muffin molds.

Cook the pistaschio financiers at 180°C for about 20-30 minutes. Should they take a golden color too fast while they still do not resist when you press them down with your finger, cover the muffins with foil and cook for further 5-10 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack before serving. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Финансие с шам фъстък 22 681x1024 Pistachio financiers

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