Pickled roasted flat peppers

Туршия от камби3 Pickled roasted flat peppers

Pickled roasted flat peppers


Red bell peppers, flat variety, medium sized
Sunflower oil
Apple vinegar


Normally, it takes about 10-12 flat red peppers to fill a jar of 400 ml. They lose a lot of volume during cooking.

Remove the stalks and deseed the peppers, without piercing or tearing them. They should be like water-proof gourds. Tip them vertical, hole up,  in a large baking dish (the one supplied with the oven, for example). Line the latter with baking paper.

Fill each pepper hole with salt (maximum ¼ teaspoon), 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Bake the peppers flat at 200°C until golden brown, but don’t let them soften too much.

Dip the peppers in jars that make the same diameter as the peppers. Make sure you don’t spill the juice in each pepper when transferring it into the jar. Press down gently. While the peppers are hot, seal the jars and flip them upside down. When cooled, the middle of the lid should be sucked down and still.

Keep the pickled roasted peppers in a cool and dark place. Store up to 2 years.

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