Ovenbaked smoked broccoli

Пушено броколи на фурна2 681x1024 Ovenbaked smoked broccoli

Ovenbaked smoked broccoli


1 large head of broccoli
12-16 quail eggs
10-12 beads smoke mozzarella
60-80 g of raw macadamia nuts
Salt and pepper
Butter and olive oil
1 liter of sparkling water


Cut the broccoli into florets. Peel and dice the stem. Bring the sparkling water to a boil in a saucepan (or still water, if you do not insist to have bright green colored broccoli in the end of cooking). Dip in the broccoli florets and cubes. Bleach for 12 minutes at medium bubbles. Salt towards the end. Then drain the water and soak the broccoli in a bowl of iced water. When cooled, spread the florets and cubes on paper towel to dry.

Cook the quail eggs for 5 minutes. Dip them for a few minutes time in cold water, then peel and halve.

Place the broccoli cubes and florets into a ceramic baking dish. Sprinkle cubes of butter, halves of quail eggs, macadamia nuts (or hazelnuts) and smoked mozzarella balls among them. Finally, drizzle with olive oil (lighter) and sprinkle with pepper.

Cook the smoked broccoli at 200°C, placing the oven rack at medium level. Bake until the dish is golden brown, or about 20-25 minutes.

Пушено броколи на фурна 22 1024x728 Ovenbaked smoked broccoli

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  1. TiKi says:

    Today, I might perhaps make Yoli smile by showing her how the “professionals” take food photos. This time, the recipe is mine, but it’s Yoli who showed me 2 years ago (indirectly, by what she does) that an amateur in photography, using a single camera and its own household odds, can make beautiful food photos. Will and commitment, that is all it takes. I gained confidence in myself and started taking pictures in the simple wish to illustrate my own recipes. Photo after photo, idea after idea, wagon after wagon of dishes to do, I got to create cOOking TiKi and be what you see of me today. But it all started with Yoli, the beautiful culinary fairy, who inspires so many of us!! :*

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