Melted cheese and rutabaga appetizer

Предястие с ряпа и топено сирене2 682x1024 Melted cheese and rutabaga appetizer

Melted cheese and rutabaga appetizer

Ingredients for 3-4 people:

2 heads rutabaga (or potato, sweet potato)
1 box of melted cheeses, such as Laughing Cow, original, 200 g


Carefully rub the rutabagas with a brush under running water and without peeling them, boil in salted and sugared water (1-2 tablespoons of sugar). The water should just cover the vegetables. Cook gently until they are tender. Allow up to 1 hour. Check with a knife, if they are well cooked. If the potato comes away easily, drain the water and let cool. Another way to cook the rutabagas would be in a microwave. In this case, tip them in a covered dish, without salt or fat. Cook at 800 W for 8 to 10 minutes.

Then, peel and slice the cooled rutabagas into pieces of the same thickness. Using a rectangular stainless steel mould (mine was 3.5 to 9 cm) cut rectangles out of the turnip slices. If some of them aren’t long enough, assemble smaller ones.

Dip 4 stainless steel moulds onto a plate lined with a transparent film. Make a first layer of a rutabaga slice. Spread over a portion of melted cheese. Smooth with your fingers (the warmth of your hands will soften the cheese and let you spread it better). Repeat this pattern two more times. Cover the ready entrées and store them in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.

Serve the rutabaga appetizers cold, removing the stainless steel moulds just before that.

 Предястие с ряпа и топено сирене 22 1024x680 Melted cheese and rutabaga appetizer

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