Raw carob candies

Сурови бонбони с рожков2 1024x682 Raw carob candies

Raw carob candies

Ingredients for 14 candies:

50 g coconut flakes
50 g sesame seeds
10 g of carob flour
40 g ground almonds
40 g of maple syrup (or honey)
20 g coconut butter (or normal butter)


Gather all dry ingredients in a bowl and stir well. The carob flour should be well distributed in the mixture in order to have evenly colored candies.

Then mix in the coconut butter with a wooden spoon. Stir until you get well buttered crumbs.

Finally, bind the crumbs with the maple syrup. Shape balls with the size of a cherry with greased hands. Place the bonbons on a tray and refrigerate before serving.

Store the raw carob candies in a cool place in an airtight container.

Сурови бонбони с рожков 22 682x1024 Raw carob candies

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One Response to Raw carob candies

  1. TiKi says:

    Raw and incredibly easy to make candies! Vegan, in bonus :) Some of the ingredients could be replaced, such as the coconut butter (with regular butter), the maple syrup (with honey), even the carob flour (with cocoa). However, this precise compilation will lead you to these perfect and so tastyyyy candies :) :)

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