Purslane salad with figs

Салата със смокини и пушено сирене2 681x1024 Purslane salad with figs

Purslane salad with figs


Fresh salad
1 handful of purslane
50 g of smoked cheese
1 slice of avocado
2-3 large figs
2-3 walnuts
Olive oil and salt to taste


Rinse the fresh salad and purslane, drain well and place into a deep bowl. Add the smoked cheese and avocado, diced or cut into half-moons.

Season with salt and olive oil. Garnish with quarters of figs and chopped walnuts.

You could accompany the salad with a sauce, made by stirring well a little olive oil, honey, salt and lemon juice in a sauce-boat, diluted in a little water.

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