Green salad with pomegranate and pear

Салата с нар и круша1 1024x685 Green salad with pomegranate and pear

Green salad with pomegranate and pear


Lettuce and arugula (amount for one serving)
1-2 tablespoons sliced almonds, freshly roasted
2 tablespoons pomegranate, deseeded
1 small slice of hard cheese
1 small slice of celeriac
½ ripe pear
¼ red apple
Three quail eggs, hard boiled
Fresh or dried parsley
Olive oil and salt


Rinse and dry all the fruits and vegetables. Cut the lettuce into strips, the celery root, cheese and fruit into sticks.

In a bowl, mix the apple, pear, cheese and celery sticks with the lettuce and arugula. Season with salt and olive oil. Sprinkle with sliced almonds and pomegranate seeds. Peel and halve the quail eggs. Place beautifully on the salad. Finish by sprinkling it all with chopped fresh or dried parsley.

Serve the pomegranate and pear salad immediately, along with a favorite dressing.

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3 Responses to Green salad with pomegranate and pear

  1. miriams28 says:

    много интересно и свежо !

    • TiKi says:

      Дай ми салатки да забърквам и хапвам, Миме :) :) Филип не знам дали ядеше и две салати годишно, преди да се срещнем :) Да го видиш сега как си хапва с апетит! :) :)

  2. Пиршество за сетивата, Тики, това си сътворила! Страшно много ми хареса предложението ти, мнооого вкусна салатка.
    Слънчеви поздрави от мен, Тикии! :) ))

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