Coleslaw with Bulgarian lyuténitsa and feta cheese

Зелева салата с лютеница и сирене1 1024x685 Coleslaw with Bulgarian lyuténitsa and feta cheese

Coleslaw with Bulgarian lyuténitsa and feta cheese


250-300 g tender white cabbage
60 g feta cheese
3-4 tablespoons Bulgarian lyuténitsa (recipe for homemade)
1 handful of walnuts
Grapeseed oil (or other neutral oil)
Bulgarian multicolored salt°


Cut the cabbage into thin strips and transfer to a bowl. Press it with your hands as if making a massage, this will soften it and bring out its juices and flavor. Season with oil and salt and toss well.

Tip a few tablespoons of Bulgarian luyténitsa in the middle. Then, sprinkle the salad with grated feta cheese and chopped walnuts.

Serve the coleslaw salad accompanied by a small bowl of Bulgarian multicolored salt. A touch of this spice on the feta cheese makes the salad twice as delicious and Bulgarian.

° Bulgarian spice par excellence, almost symbol of the country. The recipes vary from one region to another. Among its basic ingredients are: savory, fenugreek, sweet paprika, salt, ground popcorn, pumpkin seeds, etc. The mixture combines finely ground spices and can be found in each food store. Some shops offer tourists the same spice as artistic objects – in small jars with the different spices alternated in a way to make a true picture.

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