Apricot jam with hazelnuts

Сладко от кайсии с лешници1 684x1024 Apricot jam with hazelnuts

Apricot jam with hazelnuts


2 kg of apricots
1 kg of sugar
150 g of hazelnuts
80 g of cognac
2 teaspoons of mahalep seeds


Rinse and cut the apricots into quarters. Transfer to a deep saucepan. Cover with sugar and bring to a boil. In about 10 minutes, add the flavorings and the freshly roasted and peeled hazelnuts.

Cook in small bubbles until the sauce thickens leaving a mark on the bottom of the dish when stirred.

Divide the jam into clean, warm jars. While the jam is still boiling hot, close the jars and turn upside down to vacuum seal them.

Store the apricot jam in a dry, dark and ventilated place.

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