Oat milk crackers

Крекери с боза1 1024x685 Oat milk crackers

Oat milk crackers


2 cups spelt flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
150 ml oat milk
1 teaspoon dried oregano
2 tablespoons of ground flax-seeds
30 g of shelled sunflower seeds, toasted and lightly crushed
6 tablespoons grapeseed oil or other

Oatmeal for kneading


Sift the flour into a bowl. Stir in remaining dry ingredients, including the sunflower seeds. Add the oil and about ½ cup warm water. Make a soft dough. Let it rest a moment.

Roll out the pastry on a sheet of baking paper. Make it 3-4 mm thick. Cut out cookie-shaped crackers or just go with a pizza-cutter and cut square shapes. Transfer the crackers to a parchment-lined baking tray. Lightly prick each one with a fork.

Bake at 180°C about 20 minutes. Cool completely on a bamboo mat or a metal rack. Then store them in a cookie jar (to keep them crisp).

Serve as appetizers or cocktail bites, decorated according to the taste. In my case, they were topped with a cube of cheddar cheese, an olive, a roll of cucumber and a sprig of thyme. You may also just enjoy them plain as an afternoon snack.

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