Smoked salmon

Домашно пушена сьомга 1024x579 Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon
Inspired by the Bulgarian Menu and GoodFood magazines


2 tablespoons green tea (dried leaves)
2 tablespoons round rice
1 tablespoon muscovado (or brown sugar)
1 piece of coal
1 sprig fresh rosemary
½ teaspoon dried shallots
1 salmon fillet (or other fish)


In a deep and large pan, large enough to contain a metal strainer for steamed vegetables, put a double layer of aluminium foil. Disperse over the tea, rice, sugar, shallots and rosemary, and a piece of charcoal. Place the strainer over.

Wash the salmon fillet, dry and cut into portions. Place them (single layer) on the vegetable strainer. Cover the pan and put it on a high heat. When smoke is formed, reduce the power to lowest. Let the fish get smoked about 12 min. Turn off the heat. Move the pan from the hot stove and let cool.

Serve the smoked salmon with garnish of your choice.

Домашно пушена сьомга 2 1024x685 Smoked salmon

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