Rabbit stew with white wine and cream

Задушено от заек с вино и сметана 1024x685 Rabbit stew with white wine and cream

Rabbit stew with white wine and cream


1 rabbit (and his liver and kidneys, if in the package)
100 ml white port
1 bouquet garni (dried thyme and bay leaf)
1 onion
600 to 800 g potatoes, small size
300-400 g carrots
1 ½ cups beef broth (homemade, if possible)
Butter and olive oil
Salt and pepper
100 ml milk cream


Wash and cut the rabbit into portions. Keep his liver and kidney, do not dispose of. Brown the rabbit portions in a little butter and oil. Remove them from the pan and soften the minced onion in their place.

Put the rabbit and onion in a 8 litrе pressure cooker. Add some more butter and oil. Pour over the broth. Add the potatoes and carrots (in chunks), the bouquet garni and a good grating of black pepper. Add salt, if necessary. Close the pressure cooker as shown in the instructions and set to 12 minutes of cooking.

When the dish is ready, thicken the sauce over high heat with the cream. Serve the the rabbit stew hot, with preferred salad and wine.

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