Nettle stew

Яхния от коприва 1024x685 Nettle stew

Nettle stew


400 g of fresh nettles
2-3 sprigs of fresh onion
2-3 tablespoons fresh parsley
1 teaspoon dried mint
2 tablespoons flour (full grain, rye, oats or other)
Salt and pepper
Sweet paprika
Feta-type cheese
Walnuts, raw
Grapeseed oil and butter


Wash the nettles and cut away the footstalks. Cut the nettle leaves into strips. Saute the onion in a saucepan (finely chopped) along with the nettles. Cover the pan to simmer more than fry. Add a sip of boiling water.

When greens lose half their volume, sprinkle with flour and paprika. Stir vigorously. Dilute with a cup of hot water. Season with salt, pepper, parsley and mint.

Let the stew simmer for 20 minutes. Perfume towards the end with a piece of butter.

Serve the nettle stew hot, topped with cubes of feta cheese and freshly roasted walnuts.

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