Mussels gratin with pear and camambert cheese

Миди с круша и камамбер 1024x684 Mussels gratin with pear and camambert cheese

Mussels gratin with pear and camambert cheese


250 g cooked mussels (may be frozen)
100 ml white wine
1 teaspoon dried shallots
1 teaspoon dried dill
Olive oil and salt
Whole grains of green pepper and pink peppercorns

1 carrot
1 onion
20 g butter
2 tablespoons of honey
1 pear, ripe but firm
1 pinch of nutmeg
Green pepper, salt

3 egg yolks
100 grams Camembert


In a saucepan, lidded, boil the wine, dried shallots and dill, the pepper grains. Add the mussels in the broth. Drizzle with olive oil. Simmer for 10 minutes over medium heat. Then strain the broth and let cool.

In another saucepan, saute in the butter the onion and grated carrots. Season with spices and honey. Add the pear, cut into half-moons. Stir and simmer gently until pears soften. Remove from heat. Add the mussels.

Beat 3 egg yolks with the filtered broth (about 150 ml). Gently heat. Beat constantly with a whisk. As a result, get a thick sauce (sauce sabayon).

Put the pears and mussels in a baking dish (butttered). Pour th egg sauce over and cover with slices of camambert. Bake at 200*C on high position of the rack for 10-15 minutes.

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